Thursday, 6 March 2014

Yet Another New Detecting Blog

It is a pleasure to announce that somebody calling himself "Detectorbloke" has started up a new blog  theresponsibledetectorist.blogspot. This is great, at last we are getting some detectorists coming out into the open (but come on guys, why all the silly cloak and dagger? Let's have a real person talking not another sock puppet) and actually trying to articulate some ideas  about responsible metal detecting. The recent controversies seem to be having some effect, and while you still have the poison dwarves doing their nasty business on blogs and forums (you know who you are), it's good to see the gradual emergence of an awareness that there is a need for and an interest in places where one can read and discuss the complex issues surrounding responsible artefact hunting without getting jumped on by the naysayers which has been the plague of the forums and discussion lists. The responsibility for the direction of discussion is in the hands of the blog owner. Steve Broom is still going strong, while Andy Baines has fallen by the wayside, and obviously decided to produce another "Stout Standards' (sic). It's good then to see another step in to fill the gap. Welcome.

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