Thursday 26 April 2012

ACCG Still at It

Dorothy King, 'Once More Unto the ACCG ...', April 25, 2012.
I will point out that I repeatedly asked that people from the ACCG not contact me. I received two more such emails this evening. [...] People with genuine espionage backgrounds tend not to write to strangers about it - there are support groups for that sort of thing ;-) 
Not the first, nor I suspect the last, that this pernicious little group of misfits insists on having the last word. Dealer Dave has cut and pasted an entire post from Dr King's blog and then states
It seems to me that Dorothy King has her moral standards and judgement very badly scrambled if she believes that Arthur Brand, Paul Barford and Michel van Rijn should be regarded as having equal standing as to moral probity and credibility with Wayne Sayles, Peter Tompa and other ACCG Board members -- myself for instance.
Personally I would be very disturbed if Dr King or anyone else considered I had equal credibility as the three persons named, two coin dealers and a lawyer.

Vignette: ACCG should get an ASBO


kyri said...

isnt this the guy that wanted a lynch mob to string up cpac members along constitution avenue and meant it when he said it.
moral probity my a**.

Paul Barford said...

Yes, it was a terrible thing to say and I think he has since deleted one of the posts where he is most explicit about these fantasies, but others remain for all to see.

Dorothy King said...

Oh well, I will happily clarify:

Paul Barford - I often disagree with him, but have no problem with his morals.

The Dutch Arthur Brand - my only contact with him was when he complained to me about Peter K. Tompa, and frankly he was entirely justified in that instance. I have no other direct knowledge of him on which to base myself.

Michel van Rijn - pass.

Peter Tompa - I find that a lawyer that advocates breaking the law is unusual. I find that a lawyer who posts confidential information on his blog in breach of Bar Association guidelines is best dealt with by the Bar Association.

Judges have already ruled on the ACCG's attempts to bring ancient coins into the US, and they were confiscate by ICE - my opinion is irrelevant.

I have no knowledge of other people at the ACCG, except for their rambling emails, which I ignore as I have already served their lawyer with notice not to contact me except through my attorney, so under the law these constitute harassment ...

Paul Barford said...

The ACCG are no stranger to harrassment I believe.

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