Thursday 12 April 2012

Did They Know Where their Money was Going?

The SLAM website gives the information who gave the Museum's Trustees the money in 1997 to buy the Ka Nefer Nefer mask (Accession Number: 19:1998). Did these people know in advance what their money was going to be used to buy, and were they fully appraised about its provenance before they agreed? Did they know the money was going to the Aboutaam brothers? What do these people now think that their names are associated with this purchase?
Friends Fund

funds given by:

Mr. and Mrs. Christian B. Peper,
Mrs. Drew Philpott,
the Longmire Fund of the Saint Louis Community Foundation,
The Arthur and Helen Baer Charitable Foundation,
an anonymous donor,
Gary Wolff,
Mrs. Marjorie M. Getty, by exchange,
Florence Heiman in memory of her husband,
Theodore Heiman,
Ellen D. Thompson, by exchange,
Dr. and Mrs. G. R. Hansen,
Sid Goldstein in memory of Donna and Earl Jacobs,
Friends Fund, by exchange,
and Museum Purchase .
An internet search of these names indicates that some of these people have been very generous with their funds in other areas too.

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