Monday 16 April 2012

PAS Over the Rainbow: No Difficult Questions in Kansas then....

In Kansas in America it seems they believe in magic (watch out for brief appearance of Munich coin fairies)


The Kansas City Star was been given the information about Roger Bland's upcoming lecture: "A License to Loot or Archaeological Rescue?" and look what they did with it:
The British Museum’s Roger Bland looks at the successes of the U.K.’s Treasure Act and Portable Antiquities Scheme, legislation aimed at curbing the looting of historic sites while guaranteeing that those who find treasure are compensated. [...]  Co-sponsored by the University of Missouri 
Apparently the kind of "curbing looting of historic sites" they teach at the University of Missouri  is the Donald Rumsfeld "stuff happens" kind. Of course the Treasure Act and related legislation are not in any way related to "looting of historic  sites", but the responsibilities of finders of material, whether looters, collectors or accidental finders. Other British laws concern the protection (I use the term loosely) of the archaeological record from those that would mine them for collectable geegaws.

Anyway, Dr Bland will soon be leaving Missouri and heading to the east. On Wednesday it will be the turn of Springfield Ohio, but from now on (having persuaded the folk out West that PAS is not encouragiung artefact collecting  - only in San Diego, Los Angeles and Kansas City) he's sticking to coiney topics, hoards and glittery golden coins.

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Jee said...

"Of course the Treasure Act and related legislation are not in any way related to "looting of historic sites""

Aren't they?
What's a poor nighthawk to do, flog it on EBay or swear blind he got it from somewhere else and get a reward?

How many nighthawked Treasure items AREN'T submitted for a reward, that's the question. Not many if they have any sense.

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