Saturday 21 April 2012

Detecting Under the Microscope: "Unofficial" Hoards


BlisstoolUK Forum member "daimole" says that his interest in the Blisstool LTCX64 was kindled while watching the promotional videos for this "depth advantage" machine on youtube. This guy claims to have found "one hoard previously OFFICALLY and two others unoffically", he announces that he will soon be revisiting these sites "pronto" to utilise the machine's "capabilitys" to see what was left in the ground at all three sites. The "official" hoard "was comprised of twelve hammered silver of lizzie 1st/ James 1st/Charles1st". the second "unofficial" (presumably he means undeclared) "was a scattering of William the 111 shillings five in total" and the third "unofficial" hoard "four very small silver maybe celtic". Let it be noted that further discussion in the thread concerned, not that the guy was apparently blithely admitting to have infringed the law by not making his hoard discoveries "official", but whether he was correct in referring to the machine as "LTCX64 V3I", or whether he should have used the term ""LTCX64 V3". That's tekkie nerdery in action, masking a total lack of moral fibre.   

One detectorist added:
"I think we are all wanting to get over those previous sites we have done alone or with clubs and see what we have been leaving behind...".
Obviously he belongs to a club which has no code of ethics forbidding members to go back to farmers who have allowed club digs to do the site over again privately. 

So, is PAS willing and able with the aid of the Forum administrators to identify a (Welsh, maybe - "Dai"?) metal detectorist who  reported
"twelve hammered silver coins of Elizabeth I/ James I/ and CharlesI" and ask him what happened to the Celtic hoard?

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