Thursday 5 April 2012

Contact (today's searches)

Some interesting searches going on of this blog today - some of the 'regulars' but several things going on behind the scenes it seems. A higher number of searches that pleased me than usual today and one or two that did not (this really is not the place to find out "what detectors do they use on American digger?").

I admire the stamina of the reader in Milford, Massachusetts, keep it up, that's what it is here for...

The person from Lancashire who this afternoon was searching this blog for "contact Paul Barford" need only send a comment, if he or she asks, I will not publish it. I'd prefer it to be some useful verifiable information or a sensible question rather than the usual semi-literate abuse from metal detectorists though.

St Louis Art Museum, I do not appreciate the searches you were doing here today. I can see what you are up to, do not even think of going there, you have done enough harm already. Just keep away from this blog, you are not a welcome visitor here until you get that mask on its way back to Egypt. I assure you that you will not read anything nice about yourselves here.


Dorothy King said...

You may not say anything nice about SLAM, but surely if you have the right to express your views, they have the right to read them?

Paul Barford said...

The problem is that looking at what this searcher was looking at suggested what (if I identified them correctly) their next move was going to be. I cannot of course "control" how people use any information they may get from this blog, but I can express disapproval that my work is being used in a certain way.

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