Tuesday 10 April 2012

"Detecting Wales" Did not Care who saw...

Detecting Wales, the forum for Welsh metal detectorists has a thread called "Your greatest find as a Detectorist . . .". One "NFL" ("Superhero Member") had misgivings about that. On June 21, 2010 he wrote:
cracking finds there guys,i wont post none of mine though as i think heritage action, tony robinson, bm, etc would love to see some fascinating finds like these and the internet is a big place Grin Grin
The list's administrator, "Neil" (also considered a "Superhero Member") reckons that NFL ("Paul") has nothing to worry about:
as you know nothing wrong with talking about individual finds and those that have been declared. Detectingwales openly invites the BM, FLO's, Archies, Heritage Action and Tony [Robinson of Time team] to join the site - we have nothing to hide from them. If it was left to certain parties it would be let rotting in the earth. Thats not what we aim to achieve. I see us as preserving our British heritage not the opposite.
Funnily enough when I try to open the Detecting Wales forum I get a "your server is blocked" message. Obviously some "archies" are more welcome to have a look how well these people - and just how - are preserving their "British heritage". It is a shame that they are blocking Polish readers as just at this moment the newspapers are full of a new project of Polish archaeologists to rewrite the antiquities laws to promote collaboration between archaeologists and metal detectorists inspired by the British model (I will be writing more on this later on this week no doubt) so it is interesting that the Polish reader finding out more about how this works will be puzzled why the metal detectorists of Britain are blocking them from seeing the results of this collaboration.

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