Sunday 22 April 2012

It is Another Conspiracy!!

In a couple of extraordinary posts, first Peter Tompa, then Wayne Sayles come out with a set of accusations  ('Mischief Making' and 'Cyber Sabotage') though it is not at all clear who they are accusing of what and why. It's really difficult to work out from the recent exchanges just what is going on. What however is notable is the conspiracy theory the ACCG invented to account for it.

I am really not at all interested in the petty excuses and in-fighting. All I feel I need to say on the matter is to assure anyone who might be entertaining doubts on the basis of Sayles' ramblings,  I am of course not in any way in any kind of direct "association" with Michel van Rijn or any of several Arthur Brands mentioned. Despite what individuals like Mr Sayles think, neither do I have any need to organize any kind of complicated conspiracy to compromise the ACCG. The ACCG leaders manage to do that all by themselves with the greatest of alacrity, as here.


kyri said...

hi paul,i believe wayne sayles when he says he knew nothing of these emails,as i said befor,in his comment to dorothys blog he was complementing her on the piece she wrote on the hecatominus coins.i gather someone was trying to blame you but thats bo***cks.
maybe it was some random coin dealer that was upset about the post and emaild her to try to get it removed by claiming to be a lawyer acting for the accg,who knows.
its like an agatha christie "who done it" novel but as a spectator it has made for some intresting reading on a dull and wet london weekend.

Paul Barford said...

Nice and sunny here. Sayles was not exactly complementing her on the post, read it again. He implies the coins may be stolen, but better off than they would be if repatriated.

Anyway this fracas has led to one good thing, Sayles has just said that from now on he'll be writing about ancient coin collecting and not the other crap on his "ancient coin collecting" blog. So back to being a proper numismatist rather than ranty activist.

Dorothy King said...

Kyri, I don't know what Sayles is claiming, but he clearly has little control over his Board.

The emails were from two people from two seperate email accounts, both sent from law firms. I am aware that one of them has been giving his "version" on his blog, which differs vastly from the emails I received and sent.

I don't believe in breaching confidentiality as he did - in fact, I've already exchanged emails with his Bar Association and reported him for numerous breaches of ethics including breaching confidentiality.

If I am not satisfied with this, I have been advised that I can sue the group for harassment and damages - which I will do if any of the lawsuits threatened because of their blog posts move forward.

I blogged the story more to stop the angry emails continuing from the victims of their defamations as much as anything. I'd be happy to forward one or two to you.

Just as an aside, I have been advised that when a group is neither a registered non-profit nor a limited liability company, then all of their members are liable for any judgement.

If Sayles, Tompa et al continue - and what they are doing is very different from just writing angry blog posts covered by Free Speech - then they are dragging everyone who is a member of the ACCG is potentially liable financially for their actions.

A simple apology might have been a good start, but they cannot grasp the concept of basic laws, and rather than trying to sort out the mess they started, they keep going out of their way to make the situation worse.

And if they read this - I hope they consult a lawyer with half a brain, rather than blog more smears

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