Friday 13 April 2012

Focus on Metal Detecting: Selling Finds OK Now

Some time ago a leading UK metal detecting forum banned any mention of selling finds on its pages. This was a bit odd as we all know that in all hobbies people who have duplicate items in their collections tend to share them with other collectors. But selling finds was for some reason (see my unanswered question in the comments to the HA post) an unmentionable topic. When a forum member “Geordies lil bub” queried why selling finds mustn’t be mentioned [punctuation corrected]:
“why not[? D]on't some of you people want some dosh[,] some wonga[?]”
the official, slightly more literate, reply came back:
“It’s the forum AUP, failiure to comply will get you carded or account suspended/ deactivated… you have been advised not to break any of the AUP.”
 well, anyway, order has been restored to the unruly, wonga-seeking, membership and the UKDN's "Don't mention yer sell yer finds" rule has now quietly disappeared from the Acceptable Use Policy. So selling finds is OK again, legal and a topic for free uncensored discussion on metal detecting forums in the UK. As well as on this blog of course, where the topic was never censored.


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