Monday 2 April 2012

"Repose for the Mummy"?

CultureGrrl Lee Rosenbaum has a brief piece on the Ka Nefer Nefer fiasco. U.S. District Court Judge Henry Autry has just dealt the U.S. Government a serious blow in its increasingly aggressive legal posture on behalf of foreign governments in cultural-property disputes. And the blogger say the "mummy" (actually it is only part of it) gets some "repose" in an American museum.
SLAM director Brent Benjamin "stood his ground, insisting that Egypt had not proven its claim of ownership [...] The Museum's investigation revealed no evidence that the Mask was owned by Egypt under applicable Egyptian law at the time of excavation, that the Mask was stolen from Egypt, or that the Mask had unlawfully entered the United States. [...] The judge bought SLAM's argument...
Here is a You Tube video Lee Rosenbaum made of the way it is currently displayed in a corner of a gallery:


It seems the US museum is contemplating expansion, perhaps in readiness for the acquisition of more trophy loot.

Lee Rosenbaum, 'Repose for the Mummy: St. Louis Art Museum Wins Ka-Nefer-Nefer Court Case', CultureGrrl April 2, 2012

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