Friday 20 April 2012

Detecting Under the Microscope: Noctadetecting Deeper now

Google thought it appropriate to shove an advert to Turkish metal detector manufacturer "Noktadetectors" onto the blog-management page of this blog. So, since they seem so concerned to share information about their new range with Google-users, here's an excerpt from their website (much of the emphasis in the original):
With the Golden Sense, specifically developed for gold nuggets, coins and other small metals, you will easily detect targets at depths that other detectors cannot reach. Golden Sense not only finds shallow gold nuggets, coins and other metals detectable by other detectors, but it also does not miss smaller metals at incredible depths that other detectors cannot reach. Especially in areas that are rich in gold nuggets, coins and deep metals, the surface of the ground has been searched for years and most of the shallow and smaller metals have been dug out. Searchers in such areas need to reach the gold nuggets, coins and other metals buried deeper underground. Golden Sense is now offering this opportunity with its detection at incredible depths provided by its electronic design, software and special search coil. Consequently, it is becoming the ideal choice for gold, coin and treasure hunters.
They have a silent model, ideal for Noktatection:
SILENT SEARCH A lot of detectors in the market produce a constant background tone called 'threshold' for deeper detection. The user must follow the pitch changes in this tone to identify a target. Listening to this tone constantly disturbs the user as well as making metal detection harder. Golden Sense with its groundbreaking technology has no threshold and it gives out a warning tone only when it detects metal while offering more depth than other devices. Therefore, it allows for a silent, comfortable and deeper searching experience.
So, if you want a metal detector for looking for gold, and you'd like one that will not give your presence away by squawking all the time when you are out doing a bit of noktatection, and you want to penetrate down to artefacts deep in the undisturbed soil, then obviously you need to get in touch with your local Noktadetector dealer. These site-wrecker depth advantage detectors are getting around everywhere recently, and still no official statement from the PAS.

Vignette: Noktadetector certainly seem to want us to think that their machines can allow Treasure hunters to hoik gold from well below plough level.


Dorothy King said...

Not to be overly pernickety, but sod the morals ... metal detectors are banned in Greece, and I would guess they would be in Turkey too? Or is that asking too much from Google Ads, a legal product?

Paul Barford said...

Well, I think if they go out "noctatecting" with a "silent threshold machine" there's a good chance they will not get caught.

Also of course making the tools in Turkey is not illegal, using them on archaeological sites within the country would be illegal. But no doubt both manufacturer and advertiser will say they are not responsible for the use people put these machines too (the "guns don't kill people" argument).

Jee said...

Nighthawking is illegal and digging below ploughsoil is damaging yet night vision goggles and depth-advantage detectors are widely advertised on metal detecting websites and magazines.

Worse, the authorities say not a word. "Sod the morals" is right but it extends far beyond metal detectorists and manufacturers.

NICK said...

Noctatecting? Get a life please mr Barford. Detectorists have unearthed more significant finds this last 20 years than any archaeologists. On the subject of archeologists, a dealer purchased some gold staters unearthed on a local roman/iron age site from you guessed it, archeologists! FACT .NICK

Paul Barford said...

What about how many sites they have preserved?

I dispute the figures you quote. Even just in the context of the British Isles. Why not ask the Portable Antiquities Scheme how they estimate the "numbers of finds" would pan out at for both groups in twenty years? In any case, do they not see the issue as one of "partnership" rather than "mine-is-bigger-than-yours" rivalry?

Now, about this "fact"... So what? Are you accusing them or the landowner (or the dealer) of an illegal act? Perhaps they were disclaimed treasure? So you think it is just metal detectorists who have the "right" to sell coins and nobody else? What kind of a "partnership" do you call that?

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