Monday, 3 March 2014

Metal Detectorist troll, "James Warr" Joins Heritage Debate

Anyone who wants to see what happens when a bunch of archaeologists talks seriously about the issues surrounding metal detecting can take a look here (BAJR Facebook page, scrolling up and then down from here). This is what you'd have seen was the response to archaeological posts on the Portable Antiquities Scheme's public forum when they had one. An attention-seeking metal detectorist calling himself "James Warr" (who has stolen archaeologist  Patricia Elford's photo for his facebook page) suddenly burst onto the thread with a series of trolling posts, attacking a number of people in series, and referring to his own contribution to Britain's heritage debate. It is called "Tony Robinson's Pants", named after a TV presenter from the programme Time Team who in 1995 said one sentence about metal detectorists and has been reviled in metal detecting circles ever since. 

On this blog one can find such intellectual gems as "", written no doubt on the basis of supportive words provided by the PAS.   Then there is "" Tekkie intellect is certainly being exposed for all to see here. what is supremely unfair is the way this uninformed oik has treated colleague David Connolly (note correct spelling) who has consistently bent over backwards to be respectful of, and attentive to the needs of metal detectorists and is among Britain's most vociferous advocaytes of tolerance and partnershoip with artefact hunters. James Warr disregards all that, and treats him as an enemy: "David Connoly and his double standards"

UPDATE 3.3.14
Sadly you cannot see what a metal detectorist in full flow looks like because David Connolly, ardent advocate for the "we can all work together" cause obviously decided that the evidence of one reason why we cannot rely on being able to work "together" with a certain hard core of individuals was best removed from his organization's thread.

UPDATE 3.3.14 evening
Mr "Warr" now seems intent on taking advantage of the fact that his Facebook posts have been deleted  and now accuses me of having taken over his Facebook account and putting somebody else's photo on it. This guy is clearly off his rocker, if you check the thread, he'd opened a new Facebook account himself a few hours earlier, in order to post on the BAJR Facebook page, and to make his claim to be an archaeologist more believable, pinched somebody else's photo in order to do that.  Pathetically this James Warr claims:
I have no idea at all what this is, but it's certainly not me.  Yes, I have a Facebook account (that's how I can see the posts) but I am not a member of that group.  I wish I could see what I am supposed to have said.  
I downloaded it all before it disappeared, and what he said at the beginning was:
James Warr Thankyou for accepting my request. As a detectorist myself, who has plenty of archeological experience, I thought you might find my latest writing interesting:  
The link goes to]. That's UK metal detectorists for you, refuse to take any responsibility for their own actions. The coward cannot even write under his real name. 

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Paul Barford said...

Mr Peters, because I do not consider a person's sexuality is a topic for discussion on this blog. This is not a metal detecting forum.

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