Wednesday 17 December 2014

ACCG: Illegal is Illegal

"Peter Tompa would like Hyperallergic to emphasize that the ‘overtly illegal imports of coins’ mentioned in the article were for purposes of securing ‘standing’ in order to pursue a legal challenge to import restrictions on coins of the sort widely and legally collected worldwide".
Illegal is illegal. The ACCG could have achieved their aim equally well by taking on the defence of a coin collector who was actually affected by the regulations they want to challenge. Quite apart from not involving them in illegal activity, and their supporters and sponsors in supporting and sponsoring illegal activity, it would have the effect of demonstrating that there actually are collectors (let me stress that) who are affected by the regulations now in place for a number of years. As far as the rest of us know (ACCG has not highlighted any further cases in justification of their campaign) the 2009 Baltimore Illegal Coin Import Stunt seems to be the only such case which has come before a US court in the entire time this pathetic sideshow has been playing. It seems from this that the rest of the ancient coin collectors and dealers in the US have negligible problems importing fresh coins legally into the country and legally collecting them in their country. So one wonders just what the fuss is about. 

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