Thursday 25 December 2014

Happy Christmas

I would like to thank all my readers for their interest in 2014,
and wish them all a Merry Christmas and a
Happy Heritage-SAFE New Year.

On a more sober note, and although the topic of this blog is by its nature more about the potsherds than the people, some of us may wish to pause today to remember the hardships endured daily by many of our fellows in places around the world mentioned in this blog. In particular, I am thinking of those in war-torn eastern Ukraine, Syria and northern Iraq. Just at the beginning of this decade, many of these people celebrated Christmas like you and me. How fragile peace, our ordered lives and priorities are. Whatever our own concerns and problems, we should all be grateful for what blessings we have and give at least a thought for those not so blessed today. Þæs oferéode, ðisses swá mæg.

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