Wednesday 10 December 2014

Archaeology and the Press from "Doug's Archaeology"

More to archaeological articles in newspapers than meets the eye...
In the ongoing discussions about archaeology, preservation and the media (and in particular dealers' reactions to the Syrian conflict antiquities crisis) , it seems a bit of confusion is creeping in  about what we can expect of the average journalist. I am reminded of a useful series of articles by Doug Rocks McQueen on his "Doug's Archaeology" blog ("Investigating the Profession and Research") on relationships with the press which it seems to me every archaeologist should read, and should be on the reading list of every public archaeology course.  Here are the links:
'Archaeology and the Press: Part 1- Why does the news get it so, so, so, wrong?' Posted on August 18, 2014

'Interviewing with a reporter i.e. Fact First Aid: archaeology and the press part 2' August 19, 2014

'What Makes a Good News Story and Why Can’t Archaeologists Make Them- Archaeology and the Press Part 3' August 20, 2014

'How to Write an Archaeology Press Release: Archaeology and the Press-Part 4', August 21, 2014

'Pitching Your Archaeology News to the Press: Archaeology and the Press- Part 5' August 22, 2014 

[There are also several articles on publication and self-publishing on the blog which might be of interest: here, here, here, here].

It  would be really worthwhile Doug working these texts up into a brochure which could be published by one of the archaeological bodies for all archaeologists to have stashed away in the site hut. Almost all of us have to deal with the press and the problems caused by media-garble that misrepresents what we are doing and trying to achieve, Doug's summary here can help deal with part of the problem.

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