Sunday 28 December 2014

Metal Detecting as or Versus Archaeology?

I found this comment while searching online for something else: Dennis Harding, 'Iron Age Hillforts in Britain and Beyond', p. 51. It's the "government ministers" comment that caught my eye:

Professor Harding is right that populist government ministers will know no better until scholars inform them about the difference between selective collecting of portable geegaws and real archaeology. That book was published in 2012, has anything changed at all in that respect in the intervening two years? No, and there have been two series of Britain's Secret Treasures since then too, confusing the issue further. When will British archaeologists find the will and the voice to explain that there is more to archaeology than single decontextualised objects narrativised by some trite story invented for publicity purposes? Or is there no longer anything to explain?

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