Monday 22 December 2014

The Ka Nefer Nefer Mummy Mask: its collecting history

David Gill's re-examination of the reported (perhaps suggested would be a better term) collecting history of the Ka Nefer Nefer mask has just come out. It raises a whole load of questions that I am sure the St Louis Art Museum will want to answer. Or perhaps, depending on its ethical stance, it will not. It is amazing to me that after all this time and discussion of the discrepancies a bit of diligent digging among sources which turn out not to have been so difficult to locate can throw up so many new indicators that something is not quite right with this acquisition.  Congratulations to David on this piece of work.

Gill, D.W., "The case of the Ka Nefer Nefer mummy mask", The Journal of Art Crime vol. 12, 13-25.

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