Tuesday 16 December 2014

Mike Heyworth (Not Surprisingly) Does Not Swallow the "Not-a-Nighthawk-is-an-Angel" Argument.

At the launch of Heritage Crime   @palgravecrim [....] at the British Academy .... Next speaker at #heritagecrime Dr Mike Heyworth from Council for British ArchaeologyHeyworth: nighthawking has not gone away. Night hawking - illegal metal detecting is significant in central in eastern England. Often scheduled monuments damaged. Loss of knowledge not only through theft and damage and needs to be addressed says @mikeheyworth. Yes, let us discuss knowledge theft by irresponsible artefact hunters and collectors. What is stopping us. PAS, what do you think about this?

UPDATE 16th Dec 2014
Heritage Action have picked this up too:
Another crack in the dam!
CBA’s Director Mike Heyworth has just said that when it comes to metal detecting, loss of knowledge is not only through theft and damage and needs to be addressed. Yet for many many years the prevailing paradigm has been that if you’re not a nighthawk you’re fine. There’s no doubt that’s falling apart. Slowly but definitely. So it should. Evidence, logic and statistics indicate that if nighthawks are “a tiny minority” then “legal detectorists who don’t report their finds” must be far more numerous and therefore causing far more knowledge loss and heritage damage. How long will it be before we have the first press release, conference or book launch based squarely on that important fundamental reality? .

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