Wednesday 31 December 2014

Lenborough Hoard Excavated by FLO

Anon, 'Silver coins worth £1m found on farm' Buckingham Today, 31.12.2014
Miss Tyrrell was immediately called over to help excavate the coins. Weekend Wanderers founder Pete Welch said: “From the outset it was done properly and I’m pleased about that. “Ros, bless her, spent four or five hours on her belly in cold weather down a hole.”
here's a photo to show that indeed the PAS' FLO was fully and personally responsible for the way this hoard was hoiked.

Shambles. Spot the FLO (Buckingham Advertiser).
This is the way public outreach is done in Buckinghamshire. The FLO herself showing for all the world to see how much value Buckingham archaeology places on "archaeological finds in their context" "Jus' scoop it out and stuff it in this bag, we'll count it later". The public seeing this will draw their own conclusions on what British archaeology is about and what British archaeologists do.

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David "Taff" Simon said...

If this was "done properly" I would hate to see the definition of "improperly"

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