Friday 12 December 2014

Friday retrospect: Reflections on Reaction to End of "Time Team"

PACHI Sunday, 21 October 2012: 'Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Rejoicing Heard in the Hills and Valleys!'  
I suppose many will continued to be "amazed" by things they do not understand. The rest of us think that Britain has thrown millions of quid at an outreach Scheme to liaise with these people and explain simple things like the difference between surface evidence surveys and excavation and all that. It's not rocket science, but it seems the PAS has concluded that it's beyond their capabilities to explain that to their "metal detecting" partners over fifteen years of "outreach". Quite what they've done with the time and money apart from compiling a database of objects lost from the archaeological record is beyond the rest of us.
Two years and a couple of million quid's "outreach" on,... and the UK metal detecting community is still coming out with the same stuff - not having learnt a thing in the interval. That's what the PAS call "partnership".

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