Tuesday 20 January 2015

Antiquities Seized on Hungarian-Serbia border

Horgos (Wikipedia)
Serbian customs and police officers discovered last Saturday about 100 archaeological objects in a van searched at the Horgos border crossing in the north being carried by a pastry shop owner from the town of Pozarevac in eastern Serbia, ('Smuggler attempts to leave country with 100 artifacts
Seven Serbian citizens were traveling from Pozarevac to Vienna, Austria, in the Mercedes van with Austrian license plates. The artefacts were found in a plastic bag, wrapped in newspaper, and include 77 metal coins, 20 stone objects with reliefs, and five metal objects "reminiscent of spear tips, neck ornaments, and buckles."  The suspect, who was driving the van, said that he received the objects "from an acquaintance in Vienna" and took them to Pozarevac, but that, "because nobody took them over," he decided to return them to Austria.
seized artefacts

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