Wednesday 21 January 2015

Mazza on Mark and Related Issues

Obviously, these are all fantasies. In the
 real world people are never too brilliant and
would certainly commit many mistakes. So do not
try to embark on a criminal career following
suggestions: you will go to jail soon or later, I bet

If you are interested in the ongoing papyrus collecting debate and have not yet seen it, you need to get over to Faces and Voices to a really quite brilliant piece by Dr Roberta Mazza 'Mummy masks, papyri and the Gospel of Mark' 21st Jan 2015. I draw attention to her question: Why this obsession for cartonnage? (see 'They Dissolve Antiquities Don't They?' PACHI Monday, 12 May 2014 for a similar issue ). As for the Mark fragment: 
To conclude: will this Mark fragment be ever published? Does it even exist? Good questions: who knows? Well some people do actually know, but will not speak because they have signed non-disclosure agreements (another recent innovation, unheard in our fields before all this started):

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Paul Zoetbrood said...

Also see the latest update: horrifying.

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