Monday 12 January 2015

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Understatement of the Year

it seems to me that it was
the dectorists and the club here that 
seem to be the 'difficult conditions'. I may be
wrong here but what else are the 'difficult' conditions?

Detectorbloke has broken his silence on the Lenborough Hoard hoik on reading the Culture24 article ('The Lenborough Hoard, observations', The Responsible Detectorist Monday, 12 January 2015). the PAS is maintaining theirs. Detectorbloke says:
I was hoping that the Culture 24 article might explain why heads in a hole was deemed to be the preferable method of excavating. Unfortunately having read the article I as detectorist have more questions than answers, something which is rather depressing and leads me to believe that a great opportunity to bridge the gap between archaeologists and detectorists may have been missed.
I would say that is likely to remain the archaeological understatement of the year. Detectorblloke has got it in a nutshell. What we see goes against everything the PAS was set up to achieve. It is good to see it being discussed in detecting circles in terms other than the "Well found m8 !!! [smiley], [smiley], [smiley]" and "Cooo, wish I culd find a million quid horde, lucky jammer!! [smiley] " mode which dominates the forums today. [Despite them all claiming to be "responsible' and know what's-what in that area], it is unusual to see a detectorist writing in such terms. Please take the time to read his doubts and questions. (Unless you work for the PAS, who continue to ignore public discussions in the social media. "No time" for outreach and engagement you see.)

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