Sunday 18 January 2015

Heritage Action: Helping PAS get the Responsibility Message Across

A few days ago Heritage Action asked why the PAS has not tried sound-bite-size  posters in order to get its message across. The answer to that is unclear, perhaps it is the costs of designing such posters. The group thought they'd take the initiative and lay the groundwork for the future "outreach" campaign by the PAS to combat knowledge loss through the persistence of irresponsible artefact hunting and bad practice. 

# 1 A new STOP campaign

Artefact hunters love to hate the “Stop” campaign run by archaeologists years ago. Maybe it’s time to revive it in part. Let’s see how many of them take heed and how many reject it as unwarranted interference in their right to pursue a legal hobby….

They say: "A nice clear statement like that would certainly help the Treasure Valuation Committee in their deliberations upon whether ex gratia rewards should be paid".

# 2. A second “Best Practice” poster for metal detectorists:

#3 A third “Best Practice” poster for metal detectorists:

 "doubts, fibs and excuses"(see here).

Suggestions for public information posters numbers 4-10 gratefully received from concerned members of the public and engaged heritage professionals.

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