Saturday 24 January 2015

Focus on Metal Detecting: PAS painting a False Picture of Heritage Debate

Vogel Schnittmuster - tropische Vögel
On a metal detecting forum near you, "The Ferret" warns
Trolls are watching and will make mince meat from this post im sure If it weren't for metal detecting a lot of history will never have come to light.
It is not trolling to comment on issues where it is clear that the public interest is being ill served. Only the PAS and its partner-parrots take that attitude. If it were not for the public money paid into having a PAS, very little of that "history" removed by greedy artefact collectors will have ever been recorded. Even when there is a very expensive PAS, a huge proportion of it is not being recorded and therefore is not in any way "history" but just a box of bits. All over the world, artefact hunting is destroying history, British metal detectorists cannot see that, they just think it is a rumour started by dirty trolls and the PAS, paid for by YOUR money, does nothing to disabuse them of such an idea.

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