Friday 16 January 2015

New Message from the TFTT ( the Tell Farmers the Truth Group) on Hoards

Silas Brown has obviously been affected by the recent hoard hoiking news from rural backwaters of the Home Counties.  My Heritage Will and Testament by Farmer Brown


Anonymous said...

I think he's just bitter over the failure of his own notional metal detecting rally (based on “the Surrey Council Premise“ that “Applicants will be considered to be part of an ongoing archaeological survey and will in particular be expected to have a proven track record in reporting and recording. Finds would normally remain the property of the County Council.”)

As he said at the time, "It was a total disaster. No-one turned up. I was left with scores of prawn sandwiches and not a history lover in sight. It's a mystery". (Notionally, anyway).

Paul Barford said...

I remember it well, what a total disaster for the image of "responsib=e artefact hunting" too.

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