Friday 23 January 2015

Scott Carroll in Jerusalem and London

From Scott Carroll's Twitter feed:

What "unknown significant Hebrew' manuscripts were added to the Green Collection from this trip? With what documentation was any such material purchased ("retrieved") and exported? What was the nature and origin of this cache of manuscripts in a Jerusalem cellar and is it the same as the 'private collection', or were two groups of material examined on 16th October?

UK border 'controls', barrier of bubbles to
antiquities transfer
Was the person in the UK with the "two very important Hebrew Biblical manuscripts and early Biblial papyri" in any way related to Dirk Obbink and his "Anonymous London Collector [who was not a collector]"?   What is the significance of the material from the Jerusalem and UK sources which passed, apparently unchallenged, through Heathrow Customs on or after the 17th October, bound for the US and in what way is its passage documented in the green Collection archives? 

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