Thursday 15 January 2015

Heritage Blog Wins Acclaim

The Culture 24 website (a Government-funded arts and heritage charity)  has just published a feature titled “Ten of the best archaeology blogs from current UK history projects” – and I am glad to see that Heritage Action's blog made the top ten for their various valiant initiatives to protect sites of historical value around the country (and its 'slight Private Eye feel'). Congratulations, it is well-deserved. Who, but an army of oikish UK artefact hunters, could say otherwise?  Heritage Action are rather modest about it all.
What began as a small effort hatched by a group of likeminded friends at a picnic at the Uffington White Horse has grown bigger and involved more people every year. We’ve published more than two thousand articles from dozens of contributors and last year we were read in 154 countries. We must be addressing a need [...].

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