Wednesday 3 June 2015

Artefact Hoiking at Flodden ?

The "Flodden1513 Ecomuseum" connects sites and other aspects of our heritage that are related to the Battle of Flodden. Thy invite people to "come and join our Big Dig; digging, metal detecting, guided walks and more!". Metal detecting, why not orchid digging, bluebell trampling, gorse thicket burning, hedgerow bulldozing, industrial waste dumping in the burn, the lot? Sounds like an invitation to devastate the historical environment together - "Hurrah for Bonkers Britain!". Actually what is probably on offer is something quite different, a demonstration of survey techniques according to an archaeological methodology, so why not give it a name which would differentiate what is on offer from the endonym used by greedy-grabby artefact hunters?  

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