Friday 19 June 2015

Long Island: Kitchen Table Mummy Fragment a Children's Plaything

Collectors claim that by having ancient objects in their homes they are showing "respect" and "saving history". One burial group that was dismembered for the trade included lopping the head off the deceased which disgustingly has ended up in a glass case in a US collector's kitchen (Timothy Bolger, 'Exclusive: The Strange Case of Long Island’s Stolen Mummy Head' Long Island Press June 18, 2015).
When Snidersich was growing up, he and his brothers called the mummy head Kharis, from The Mummy horror movie franchise. When one of their brothers admitted he was afraid of it, the others would always wait for him to fall asleep and place the mummy head near his bed.
That's what you call respect for the dead over there, apparently.

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