Friday 12 June 2015

Five Reasons You Shouldn't Buy That Ancient Artifact

I think this is quite a brilliant compact piece with a well-defined message to a specific audience:
Kristina Killgrove, '' Forbes 12th June 2015.
Many people think there is no harm in collecting a piece of the past and that they are investing in history, but here’s why they couldn’t be more wrong:
1. The object is most likely fake [...].
2. If it isn’t fake, it may be illegal [...].
3. Its trade helps fuel international conflicts and wars [...].
4. It may have been procured from looting of archaeological sites, which destroys our ability to understand the past[...]. 
5. It probably can’t be donated to a museum. [...] If an artifact doesn’t have a spotless history, a museum won’t touch it.
"we all need to be aware of looting, black-market art trade, and our ethical responsibilities to our collective past and to present conflicts. Looting and illicit antiquities trading destroy our ability to learn about the past and contribute to the marginalization of modern people around the world".

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