Saturday 13 June 2015

The fight Against Illegal Antiquities Trade in Southern Asia

For those who want to see the faces behind the preservation efforts, a nice piece on Vijay Kumar
By day, 40-year-old accountant Vijay Kumar is general manager for the Southeast Asia division of Mediterranean Shipping, the world’s largest container transit company. By night the Indian national is a self-styled antiquities crusader, campaigning against the theft of precious artefacts in his homeland. Kumar, who was born in Tamil Nadu’s capital Chennai but who lives in Singapore, has become a key protagonist in the unfolding scandal around the international looted antiquities trade that has embroiled institutions across the world, including some in this country.
Source: Michaela Boland, 'Illegal antiquities trade grows as NGA door guardians remain on display', The Australian June 13, 2015.

Vignette: from Nord on Art

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