Tuesday 9 June 2015

Collectors: "You Done Well"

John Derbyshire declares:
this looting is the best thing that could happen to the antiquities and those who care about them. These priceless objects will now end up in civilized countries, where they can be properly cared for, instead of languishing in unstable, disorderly countries like Syria and Iraq, where their chances of surviving another 3,000 years are much smaller. So if you’re collecting Sumerian figurines or building up a library of cuneiform texts, get in touch with your broker.  Prices should be optimal for a while (source: 'Cuneiform Commerce–Middle East Antiquities Are Safer In The West')
Apparently, certain dealers' associations could not agree with this viewpoint more. It is worth noting however some of the other things said by the same gentleman to put that in context: this, too is John Derbyshire.
Hat tip to Lynda Albertson

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