Monday 22 June 2015

Coineys Destroy Knowledge

Coins Bought by ACCG for Baltimore stunt
Coinshop keeper Wayne Sayles in a rather superficial text ('Cypriot coins found outside the Republic of Cyprus') attempts to make some deductions about coin circulation in the past using some dot distribution maps based on information gathered by proper numismatists. Here he attempts to use known coin findspots as a source of knowledge.

I would therefore like to ask him to show us the dot-distribution map on which the atrociously over-stripped coin finds (from Spink's, don't ya know) shown in the figure opposite appear. I doubt he can. These coins were bought in April 2009 by ACCG dealers for use in an illegal-import stunt in Baltimore. The point is that the no-questions-asked, papers-losing market in dugup ancient coins which Mr Sayles and the IAPN support is destroying knowledge.

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