Wednesday 10 June 2015

More Looting 101 in UK schools (sponsored by Minelab)

Edited screenshot of
disturbing scenes in school interior

from Facebook
More Looting 101 in UK schools (this time sponsored by Minelab). Was the PAS involved in this? "Beyond The Beep" (commercial firm) has been spreading the word about artefact hunting among local schoolkids.
Went back to our primary school today to present the kids with their Minelab goody bags for successfully passing the course and to let them see the new GO-FIND. Needless to say, they loved it. It was a complete pleasure working with this school for six weeks and we will miss them. [...] John G Branagh Well done team [smiley] think the Go-Find sales will go up i know if i was a kid i'd want one lol
Arrr. The issue is however what kind of education are the British giving their children? What is in those Minelab bags and how many of them have been given out to schoolkids in the past year? Why? Do the local museums service have equivalent "goody bags", and what is in them? Which one has the pirate hats?


Anonymous said...

That was very kind of minelab,its a great way of getting kids interested in History,well done again minelab

Paul Barford said...

You have a metal detector don't you Mr Kelly? It takes a real dullard to confuse marketing with kindness. So what next, shotguns as "a great way of getting kids interested in nature"?

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