Friday 5 June 2015

IAPN Lobbyist: No Laughing Matter Perhaps?

ISIL executes collectors?
There is a lot on flogging mentioned on the IAPN's lobbyist blog so it is no surprise to see more, "yesterday, the archaeological blogosphere and twitterdom whipped itself up into a minor frenzy" over the fact that it had been spotted that ISIL fighters were in possession of a book picturing some ancient coins. You'd have to be pretty emotionally stunted to consider  as a "frenzy" the mere fact of asking people if they recognize a book. "Coineys", eh? The book "proves" nothing. It might mean that a local coin collector has been topped, his artefacts seized and his library destroyed (the numismatic book can be seen in the picture to have stab marks or bullet holes and the middle ripped out). Coineys say that their collecting "brings people together', but here we see a cavalier lack of interest in the fate of fellow collectors.

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