Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Britain's Archaeologicalrecord to Knowledge Mill is not Clogged

According to colleagues in the British Museum
About 1 Roman hoard a week is processed by staff, conservators and curators
Coin Hoards from Roman Britain', will be hitting the bookshops soon, no doubt, with all those valuable data for numismatic die-link studies produced by proper processing of all these metal detector finds. Straight from the carrier-bag to publication!

What a tremendous feat, despite all the financial cuts and other problems, British archaeology is managing to keep up with the rate these artefacts are being hoiked out of the ground and flogged off to the nation's museums by finders and landowners. Bravo. Who needs "preservation in situ" when the Archaeological Knowledge Machine grinds on and on so very effectively, churning out all those detailed publications like so many sausages? 

Vignette: Who's going to eat all those sausages being produced from the archaeological resource at such a vast rate?

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