Tuesday, 8 March 2016

March the Tenth

Here's one for the PAS show-and-tell mongers to once again fill the social media with their random pictures of other people's finds, March 10th Tibetan Uprising Day  - links to stray Dzi bead finds perhaps? Oh no, you can't find them with metal detectors can you? Shame. Still, March 17th is Saint Patrick's Day, lots of scope to show green metal artefacts... Or something shamrock-shaped.

Vignette: (other people's) "Cool stuff" as public outreach by the PAS

UPDATE 15th March 2016

Well, I told you so, there are a lot of issues that should be being discussed around portable antiquities collecting, but the jolly men and ladies of the Portable Antiquities Scheme think this is a more pressing public need:
podałeś/aś dalej
Find no2 countdown 8th/9thC mount found in on
Way to go...

 UPDATE 16th March 2016

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