Friday, 25 March 2016

First (?) Photos of 'Post-ISIL' Palmyra ruins

This film (Что осталось от Пальмиры: эксклюзивные съемки с коптера) taken by a helicopter pilot shows just a small restricted area of the ancient ruins. In fact it does not really show the Temple of  Baalshamin or the Triumphal Arch let alone the tower tombs, but the remains of the temple of Bel are visible at 1:04. No doubt we will see better photos of these later.

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At first sight, the damage to the ancient site could have been worse. But of course this war is far from over. ISIL militants are reported to be polling away from Palmyra in face of offensive. The compilation of images concentrates mainly on the more spectacular parts of the ruins, but about a minute in we see some general shots of the modern town of Tadmor but not in enough detail to see how badly it was damaged by the intensive bombing and shelling which led to the ISIL withdrawal, it may be assumed that this was extensive (but the Russian TV channel might have been a bit coy about showing damage to civilian buildings to its audience).


The Guardian uses some of these  (better definition?) and additional images from the same source. This starts off with a shot of the modern town, explaining why this was not deemed suitable viewing for the Russian public.
Tadmor seen from above March 27th (?) 2016 This
seems to be a view of the western outskirts looking ENE
with a telephoto lens from the Fakhr-al-Din al-Ma'ani citadel

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