Monday, 21 March 2016

National Museum in Kinshasa Collection Deaccession?

A guy in France has an odd iron crucifix for sale on eBay, even odder is the description:
'A Kongo Nkangi kiditu crucifix. Christ figure with arms splayed, oval head, grinning in a slightly undershot pout, tilted to the side. Three praying with folded hands, are at the center of the side branches and the lower. H: 10in Collection of the Institute of National Museums (IMNZ) in Kinshasa Published in "Zaïre, peuples, arts, cultures" Joseph Aurélien Cornet 1989 p. 331 '
He can send you the book too if you don't believe it. Note this is listed as original object not a museum reproduction. This dealer's comments shows a whole string of private sales.

hat tip Dorothy Lobel King

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