Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Narrativisation of Dugups

Well, well, after classic coiney contributions to the public debate on heritage which consist of a long series of posts going back several years which are monothematically cheap snipes at a single social media contributor*, Californian coiney Dealer Dave has decided instead to write about ancient coins on his blog. Actually it's about toilets and urine, but I am sure his therapist will tell him it is a start. It's a topic that will appeal to the metal detectorists who are avid readers of his "Ancient Coins" blog.  But is such derivative narrativisation of loose artefacts what "professional numismatists" do with the coins that come into their hands? Let us see how coin fondling contributes to research in an independent way, not uses outside material to place an object in an imagined context ("Here's what he may have had in his hand when he said that").

* ('Barford the Detectorist', ' Decontextualization: The Warsaw Connection', 'Decontextualization', 'Archaeosacrilege', 'Illiterate Detectorists among the Great Unwashed', 'Archaeologists, Marxism and History for the Few', 'XVI Numismatic Congress Warsaw', 'Doxxing and the True Believers', 'Confidential Information', 'The Common Sense Interpretation Of IQ', and so on)

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