Thursday, 10 March 2016

Russians attack Tadmor/Palmyra (?)

UPDATE: False alarm, Lynda Albertson tells me that after some searching, she found out that the "new" video you saw on Palmyra is from May 20, 2015, the day Daesh overran Tadmor/Palmyra. Thanks, it is worth looking at her comments on this topic on the ARCA blog Palmyra - An example of when traffic whoring and page view metrics are more important than accuracy.
While accepting the criticism, I'd point out that the video to which I link is not the same as the one to which she refers, (unless that has been now replaced by another) and is not a fragment from it. The video to which I referred was posted on 10th March on an account of Khaled AL Homsi which I took to be the same person as Khaled AL Homsi (@PalmyraPioneer)on Twitter (media and archaeologists, human rights activist from Palmyra in Syria and based in Homs (?) . who refers to some ongoing attacks at the time . In view of the uncertainty about what we are seeing here, I'll strike this through.

.". It seems the Russian raids (or is it shelling?) are actually attacking some ISIL territory now.

If you align Google Earth to show the colonnade and destroyed triumphal arch (activate 3d buildings) from just above ground level, it seems this explosion is actually on the northernmost edge of the ancient town (that olive grove?) but might be in the compound within the modern town on the SW corner. Wherever it was, the potential for damage to the ancient remains is clear. There are also still 15000 civilians in that town on the front line and conditions are pretty bad


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