Thursday, 17 March 2016

In Asia Week, Another Bust

This is beginning to look like an organized campaign another Manhattan dealer has objects seized as part of 'Operation Hidden Idol' (Jason Felch, 'Busted: Asia Week Raids Reveals Scope of Illicit Trade in Asian Art' Chasing Aphrodite March 17, 2016):
Federal agents raided the Nancy Wiener Gallery on Thursday, the latest move in an aggressive crack down on the trade in ancient Asian art that has targeted several leading dealers and auction houses and shaken up New York’s Asia Week art show. Federal agents were given a court order to seize a Kushan relief valued at $100,000, a limestone sculpture of Shiva and Parvati valued at $35,000, and a 10th Century bronze Buddha valued at $850,000, in addition to documents and business records related to the objects, court records show.
From all this activity, you'd think Kapoor was the only source of dodgy antiquities on the US market. Or is he the one who has become the easiest to use for publicity-points with others getting off scot-free?

More details here in NYT 

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