Saturday, 12 March 2016

Polish protests as government rejects court ruling

Although the nationalist-conservatives in power are intent on rewriting history in their own paranoid mould and using it as an ideological tool, this news item does not have anything much to do with heritage, but this has been taking up most of my week: Polish protests as government rejects court ruling. I have been standing outside the Prime Minister's office for the last few nights, today was a march, There were fifty thousand of us today, there will be more. This could go two ways.

We are in front of Presidential Palace (spot the Barford)
"The government denies that democracy is threatened. "Democracy is fine, very fine," Beata Kempa, a leading official in the government of Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, said recently. "We don't send police with bullets against people. They are allowed to express their views here."..."
But apparently not read the judgement of the Constitutional Tribunal that the Government is ignoring the Constitution and is therefore acting illegally. Print it, Beata, print it.

And here we have the lies of the state-controlled media. Today's protest, according to the public media:

This was in fact the scene just after when the demonstration ended promptly at the time agreed with the city authorities. I talked with some of these people myself - most of these are complete lunatic, bigoted nationalist morons, and in discussion, worse even than metal detectorists. Beata drukuj.

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