Monday, 7 March 2016

Come Off it Ofcom

It seems 'Ofcom declines to Investigate battlefield Recovery' the media watchdog Ofcom says:
“The series dealt effectively with potential audience concerns about the contributors’ methods. It made clear that the specific practices adopted were undertaken within recognised protocols. Scenes that featured human remains were dealt with sensitively, and the contributors appeared visibly moved by their discoveries.”
No, the series did not in any substantive way deal with audience concerns about the "methods" seen in a metal detecting jaunt to central Eastern Europe masquerading as a war grave recovery exercise.

Ofcom are doing what everybody else in Britain does when metal detectorists are criticised for bad practice - brushing the issue aside. The CBA have commented, I want to see the PAS response. Will there be one? Or do they just glibly write Codes of Practice for Responsible Detecting as a mere heap of empty words? Will they sit quiet now their metal detecting "partners" are off the hook?

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