Wednesday, 23 March 2016

UK Metal Detectorist Literacy Skills

Paul Blagden and
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Since if does not follow my notes for commenters, I am not approving this comment, but decided to put it up here to show the sort of contribution supporters of metal detectorists make to the public debate on artefact hunting: Paul Blagden has left a new comment on your post "Deep Digger Dan Goes Nazi":
Boring boring boring, sad people with no lives so sad. It sounds like we have a faceles [sic] keyboard BULLY, HATER, low life. DDD does nothing wrong nothing elegal [sic] so keep your hatred and boring comments to yourself.
That barely literate contribution's not from Paul Blagden the actor I hope. I am constantly amazed at the mentality of someone who sends a comment like that which concludes by urging me to keep my "hatred and boring comments" to myself.

This is my blog, and I think Deep Digger Dan's publicity stunt is a bad idea on a number of counts, and cannot comprehend why it should be considered "bullying" for me to say so.

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