Monday, 14 March 2016

"Nazi War" Battlefield Diggers

oikism censored
It seems that detectorists who took part in the filmed dead-body-and-munitions digging in Latvia and Poland are totally unrepentant about the standards as shown. On a metal detecting forum near you, member "RRPG"who was one of the participants (Re: World War 2: Battlefield Recovery Mon Mar 07, 2016 7:02 pm) is jubilant that  Ofcom "have dismissed all the complaints made against Battlefield Recovery":
This means a lot to me. I always knew that neither we nor the producers did anything wrong, but the external regulator has confirmed this
In actual fact what Ofcom say is they cannot see the problems those making the complaints saw.  That is far from saying those holes were dug right. The PAS is staying strangely silent about the level of "best practice" visible in the film.

Forum member "Addicted to bleeps" also took part. Outrageously, he says (Sun Mar 13, 2016 6:08 pm) that he is "proud" about what they did.  He says that he's "glad it's over" and was "amused" about "the amount [sic] of archaeologists that complained to OFCOM, but refused to actually watch the show". 
loads of them on social media, and the usual suspects fuelling it all. Copy and pasted complaints. Like the e-mails sent all over the place. Unfortunately, like the ton of lies that have been told, they can't just leave it at that...  They've come to the conclusion that OFCOM 'are now in on it' somehow. [emoticon] [emoticon]  Lot's of red faces out there at the moment. That'll just be the start of it. [emoticon] Thanks again to those who didn't believe the lies. Really appreciate that. If people didn't enjoy the show after actually having the chance of watching it (without censorship) then that's fine. We just needed it to be seen, and for people to come to their own conclusion without external bigotry and fairy tales
The man has apparently lost touch with reality, what people were writing was after seeing the show, I fail to see what "lies" he is on about. Who was lying, Mr Rodgers and about what? One feels that the "lie" is a word inartculate metal detectorists habitually misuse as a synonym of "criticism". No,  Ofcom are not "in on it", they seem simply incompetent to judge what is and is not "best practice". I would say digging up the foreign war dead is not a topic for a take-it-or-leave-it approach ("If people didn't enjoy the show after actually having the chance of watching it then that's fine"). If people did not "enjoy" seeing bad practice (note what was censored out by the producers themselves when it was commented on) one of the people responsible is utterly unrepentant. 

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