Saturday, 19 March 2016

Paul Barford Buys a Metal Detector

Yes, I've done it, bought a metal detector. Oh yes. Bright yellow and its got lots of technical specifications. It seems to be in some way a rip-off (of unknown, but presumably eastern origins) of a better-known yellow detector with specifications. There's some knobs to twiddle, a little meter to look technical, and I expect it makes an annoying noise. I'll probably have a go at turning it on and see what the instructions say you should do to find all that Treasure that those folk who "ain't in it fer the munny" keep dreaming of finding. I'll not be doing any of that, the test bed will be the rock garden on a balcony.

Now, the difficult part, using it responsibly (and legally, not so easy in Poland). Well, actually it is going to be used very responsibly, that means not at all. It's going to stand festering in my cellar next to the Christmas tree stand and my skis. I bought it in case I ever make a video needing one as a prop. Or maybe when Peter Tompa takes up my invitation to go 'unregulated' metal detecting in Cyprus while I film.

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