Tuesday, 7 February 2017

American Businessman arrested in India with Sculptures

India arrests Vijay Nanda, American businessman, allegedly "kingpin" of illegal idol trade in Mumbai with ties to Kapoor case.  In storage facilities owned by him were reportedly found
'several antiques and artifacts for which Nanda had no legal documentation or registration with the Archaeological Survey of India as an antique dealer [...] [Also found] statues which belonged to the 10-11th century AD period, appeared to be stolen or vandalized from various temples in sastern and southern India. "There has been an attempt made to legitimize the same through registrations of Archaeological Survey of India and creation of fake documents of procurement"
The syndicate was also involved in the coin trade, so how would US dealers be able to exclude these coins getting into their stockrooms without determining and verifying where they came from?

Times of India, 'Kingpin of antiques smuggling racket held', Feb 8, 2017. See also Somendra Sharma, 'Indian-origin US man arrested for smuggling antiques' DNA Wed, 8 Feb 2017.

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