Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Tudor Costume Fastener NOT 'Found by Chance'

 G. WIlkinson, 'This tiny 500-year-old Tudor treasure was found by chance in field near Helston',  Cornwall Live February 09, 2017 
Amateur metal detectorist Rosemary Rundle, from Porthleven, scooped up a ball of earth from a farmer's field near Helston and immediately picked out highlights of silver. Her remarkable find in 2015 turned out to be a silver-gilt Tudor clothes hook [...] Ms Rundle had only taken up metal detecting as a hobby five months before her discovery. [...]  She said:[...] I imagine a wealthy man riding across a field – I don't know why he should be riding, but he is – and one of these has pinged off. 
It is a singularly brainless remark to suggest that a metal object was found 'by chance' when a person goes out in a field looking for metal objects with a metal detector.

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